FarmVille 2 Candy Shack Quests: Everything you need to know


Along with the Candy Shack that has been released in FarmVille 2, allowing virtual farmers to collect candy for neat prizes, so too have some Candy Shack quests been released to give us something else to do in the game this Halloween. There are eight quests in all, and we're here with a look at them to help you out. Let's get started!

Candy Hunter

  • Place the Candy Shack

  • Have a Scary Halloween Decoration

  • Perform 3 Neighbor Actions

The Candy Shack is free and comes pre-made, so all you have to do is click to place the building on your farm and you'll be able to get started in this event! As for the Halloween decoration, this refers to items that are available to purchase in the store, and not those that are available as part of the Candy Shack redemption program. If you're looking for something cheap, a Fresh Plot Marker costs just 250 coins. Completing this first quest gives you 400 coins and four XP.

Somethin' About Pumpkin

  • Harvest 15 White Pumpkins

  • Harvest 15 Pumpkins

  • Have 1 Frightening Jack-O-Lantern

The White Pumpkins are a limited edition crop that's available to plant for 20 coins per square. It takes eight hours to grow. Regular Pumpkins also take eight hours, but they cost a bit less at just 15 coins per square. This is a great time to remember about instant crop growth when leveling up, as you can plant all 30 crops at once and then complete other tasks to level up quickly, making these crops ready to harvest without waiting the full eight hours. As for the Frightening Jack-O-Lantern, this is the first prize within the Candy Shack, and you'll need five pieces of Candy to earn it. Completing this quest gives you five XP and 400 coins.

Who Did What Now?

  • Tend Adult Chickens 10 Times

  • Harvest 40 Wheat

  • Perform 10 Actions on Neighbors' Farms

While Wheat only takes four hours to grow, the major problem here will be in having enough water to actually water the Wheat so it will start growing in the first place. You can try tending your neighbors' Wells to earn some extra water, which will fortunately count for the "10 Actions" task above. Actually, anything counts for that task, so long as you're spending your free daily energy on your friends' farms. Completing this quest gives you five XP and 400 coins.

Prepare to Scare

  • Harvest 5 Trees

  • Have 3 Halloween Decorations

  • Collect 5 Pumpkin Bags

You can earn the Pumpkin Bags by posting a general news item on your wall. From there, you can take a look at the multitude of Halloween decorations that have been released over the past few weeks to select three that you think would look great on your farm (or, just pick three that are fairly cheap - we won't tell). Finally, harvesting trees is a simple as making sure they have water to grow and then waiting a few hours (in most cases) for them to actually grow. Make sure to accept all of your friends' help as they might tend your trees as well, speeding up that growth process. This quest series will continue to grow in the future, as we learn more about what makes these quests work.

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What do you think of these Candy Shack quests in FarmVille 2? Have you been able to complete any of them, and earn any of the Candy Shack's prizes thus far? Let us know in the comments!