SimCity Social A Wolf at the Door Quests: Everything you need to know

As we continue to take a look at the challenging timed Trick or Treat Trail event in SimCity Social, we've reached the fourth stage of five, which has us dealing with a lonely werewolf that's looking for a pack of wolves or dogs to befriend. We're here with a complete look at this stage of the Halloween Event called "A Wolf at the Door," thanks to the official SimCity Social forums. Let's get started!

Who Let the Dogs Out?

  • Build a Doggy Park

  • Collect 3 Doggy Treats

  • Have 12 Spiders

First things first, the Doggy Treats are earned by tending Pet Salons, but don't panic if you don't have one in your city. Early on in the game's progression, you're given a chance to purchase this premium Diamond item at a discount, but if you chose not to, you can simply visit Don's city and tend his Pet Salon three times to complete this task. As for the Doggy Park, it's a decoration that's available to purchase after you've reached 15,000 Sims in population (or you can spend 38 Diamonds to unlock it early). Finally, the Spiders can be earned at random when tending Factories, but since this is a rare occurrence, it's much easier to simply ask your friends to send them to you instead. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive 2,500 Simoleons and six XP.

Canine Cohorts

  • Have a 1-Star Zoo

  • Talk to the Animals 3 times

  • Hang with the Sheep Dog

The Zoo is an attraction that's available to build in the menu after reaching a population level of 25,000 Sims. You can also unlock access to it before that level for 31 Diamonds. Once you've built a zoo in your town, and upgraded it to Level 1, you can click on it three times to "talk to the animals," but it might be possible to complete this task in friends' towns as well, if you're lucky. Finally, the Sheep Dog task can be completed by clicking on an Animal Farm. If you're really looking to save energy, you can complete this task on a friend's Animal Farm as well. Complete this quest to receive six XP and five building materials for your city.

Mayor A L'Orange

  • Bond with 3 Cops

  • Hang out with 3 Firemen

  • Chill with 3 Bikers

These three tasks are incredibly straightforward, as you'll simply need to interact with Cops at Police Stations, Firemen at Fire Stations and Bikers at Gas Stations. However, each of the nine tasks in total must be done at a different building, so you'll likely need to track down these three buildings in your friends' towns to finish this quest. That is, if you have three Police Stations in your own town, you'll be able to finish that task on your own, but you can't Bond with Cops at the same Police Station three times in a row. When you complete this quest, you'll receive 5,000 Simoleons and six XP.

Sent Packing

  • Introduce Wolfie to Lilith

  • Get 6 Witch Hats

To introduce Wolfie (this quest line's main character) to Lilith, the ghost from the Tomb Raiders quests, you'll need to click on a Graveyard. Luckily, you needed Graveyards in Lilith's quest line, so you should still have at least one in your town. From there, you can click on attractions to gain Witches Hats at random, or you can skip the requirement for random luck and just ask your friends to send them to you to complete this series. When you do, you'll receive 7,500 Simoleons, six XP and the Wolfpack Lair, a large item with a +22 population bonus that spreads over quite a large distance in your town. Remember, you won't be able to earn this Wolfpack Lair without completing this entire quest series, and you only have five days to get it done. Good luck!

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