Pop Quiz: What's the Weirdest Stuff Your Tax Dollars Get Spent On?

The Waste Book
The Waste Book

Recently, Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla) released Waste Book 2012, his analysis of 100 federally funded programs that he considers especially wasteful. Between Waste Book's covers, he outlines some of the funniest -- and strangest -- things that are paid for with our tax dollars.

Coburn's point is clear: It's hard to see how the Department of Defense's $700,000 beef jerky development program, the Small Business Administration's $2 million in loans to cupcake makers or the National Science Federation's $697,177 musical about climate change could possibly bear economic fruit. What's more, with those kinds of projects on the ledger, it's hard to argue that the government is restraining spending.

Think you can spot the strangest projects, the oddest programs, and the weirdest ways that your tax dollars are spent? Take our quiz to find out.