Put Your Keys and IDs into Your Mobile Wallet: Giesecke & Devrient Has a Plan

Phones can be your wallet, id and keysMobile tech advocates have been urging us for awhile to say goodbye to cash and credit cards and embrace the rise of mobile wallets -- perhaps a bit prematurely. But there's more to our wallets than money: How will the new digital billfold apply to our IDs? Or, moving elsewhere in our pockets, to our keys?

Germany's Giesecke & Devrient has an answer. The 160-year-old company that made its name first as a banknote printer and lately as a smartcard security firm, is reinventing itself again as a mobile wallet company called SmartTrust Portigo, reports tech blog GigaOM. G&D's product goes beyond a mere transaction tool and aims to be a one-stop gadget that replaces ID cards, building and vehicle keys and transportation tickets. Cue the real digital wallet revolution.

"Users will find that SmartTrust Portigo, the electronic wallet solution we are launching, is an easy-to-use app," G&D group SVP Klaus Vedder said in a statement. "At the same time, it opens up a wide range of new opportunities for mobile network operators, banks, and other service providers to develop new mobile services as part of their individual brand strategies."

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This cri de coeur for development in the mobile space may indeed encourage all sorts of tech and financial companies to jump on the bandwagon of the digital wallet trend. G&D's plan is still under development, but the sky is the limit.

I, for one, would love my digital wallet to open the door to my apartment and while it's at it, provide a toothbrush app for when I forget mine on a trip.

What would you like your omnipotent digital wallet to have the capability to do?

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