Expect higher-quality Facebook games--the network depends on it

Facebook games quality
Facebook games quality

Now that Facebook is a public company, one of its prime missions is to make money. (That's not necessarily a knock--it's the goal of every public company.) And the seemingly most proven method it has to do so is games. Social games make up an enormous portion of the company's revenue, so it's definitely in Facebook's best interest to have the best games possible ... and more of them.

"We need to make sure we have a greater set of games for a greater set of people," Alex Schultz, who works on user growth at Facebook, said to reporters recently at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, according to GigaOm. "It's from users to gamers to payers. So how do we optimize that funnel?"

In other words, the future of Facebook in part depends upon whether its games are of the highest quality, and hopefully as a result, make the highest amount of money possible. To that end, Schultz pointed to App Center as being huge for Facebook's gaming growth, but that doesn't solve the quality problem.

That's up to the game makers, and it looks like the network is as interested in ensuring that developers focused on console-like game experiences for Facebook succeed as the developers themselves are. For those still waiting to see the experience they have been waiting for to hit Facebook, fret not, it just might be coming. Facebook's bottom line depends on it.

[Image Credit: GigaOm]

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