Infographic: Conservatives spend more in Facebook games than liberals

Facebook game spendingThat is, if they're playing Campaign Story, the new political-themed Facebook game by Five One Nine Games. The developer recently published an infographic that not only attempts to predict the outcome of the upcoming election by player habits, but shares some interesting information regarding which types of players spend more.

According to this information gathered from Campaign Story players, those that chose the conservative route in their game outspend those that took the liberal path nearly 3-to-1 on average. If the players that chose their respective slants for their in-game campaign do, in fact, ascribe to those political views, then it's quite possible that this figure extends out to social games unrelated to politics. (Besides, people never take their political stances lightly, so who would actually choose the opposite?)

Oddly enough, players who chose the moderate take in Campaign Story outspend liberal players nearly 3-to-1 as well. And what do you know: The moderate and conservative players that outspent the liberals outpaced the latter by huge margins in terms of progress made toward their ultimate elections. (What does this say about the old adage that liberals like to spend, spend, spend?) Oh yeah, and the infographic predicts that Obama will emerge victorious on Nov. 6.
Campaign Story infographic[Via AllFacebook]

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