ChefVille Third Mixer: Everything you need to know

If a Red Mixer and a Pink Mixer weren't enough to boost your productivity in ChefVille, why not build a third? That's the mindset behind the game's release of the Green Mixer, which is now available via a pair of quests called Mix and Match. We're here with a look at these quests, which thankfully have no time limit. Let's get started!

You Can Mix That

  • Place and Build the Green Mixer

  • Ask for 12 Collector's Guides

  • Craft 9 Batches of Ranch Dressing

The Green Mixer can be placed via this quest by simply clicking on the "Show Me" button within this quest window. It requires three clicks to unwrap, and from there requires four Green Gears and four Speedy Slicers to complete. The Green Gears are earned by posting a general request on your news feed asking for help, while the Speedy Slicers are earned by asking your friends directly through individual requests. Since it will likely take you some time to complete this Green Mixer, you can use that waiting time to earn the Collector's Guides, which are earned through another general news post placed on your wall. In order to earn these items rather quickly, make sure to check out this link that sorts your news feed to just showing ChefVille posts, as you can claim some free items and help your friends at the same time.

Finally, a single Ranch Dressing can be crafted inside the Mixer using one Milk, four Wild Onions and two Garlic. If you don't have any Wild Onions growing on your land right now, you can always send out individual requests for Onions out to your friends. A single Ranch Dressing takes 10 minutes to craft, and you can hold 15 in all, so consider this an opportunity to stock up on Ranch Dressing for future use, instead of a waste of time. The best part about this feature is that it comes with no time limits, so we'll continue to update this space as we learn more about the Green Mixer!

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What do you think of this third Mixer? Was your restaurant in need of yet another Mixer, or would you prefer to see a different kind of duplicate appliance released instead? Sound off in the comments!

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