ChefVille Event Hall-o-ween Quest: Everything you need to know

When ChefVille first launched on Facebook, it contained a locked expansion square that held a community cooking truck that was apparently coming soon. Observant chefs realized that this truck disappeared as part of the game's Halloween event, and that a large tomb structure was activated in its place. Via a new quest from Ginger, we'll not only get to see what this large Tomb actually is, but we'll be able to expand out into that formerly locked square without a lot of work. Let's get started!

Even Hall-o-ween

  • Get 7 Witch's Brooms from Friends

  • Expand to the Event Hall

  • Move the Event Hall

It turns out that this "tomb" is actually a shallow building called the Event Hall. This item is currently decorated with Halloween colors, spider webs, pumpkins, gargoyles and more, but after the game's Halloween event ends in five days, the building will automatically change in design and theme to reflect the current event taking place in the game. That is, if the game were celebrating Valentine's Day (as an example), the Event Hall might be decorated with red or pink hearts. To actually reach the Event Hall, you'll need to unlock its expansion square by spending 20,000 coins and 45 Recommendations. You'll also need to have given 30 Chef's Services within your game, but very few players will actually have to do anything new to finish that task; that is, it will be completed automatically for most of us when we click on this land expansion.

When you've gathered the appropriate items (remember, Recommendations are earned by giving Roses to waiting customers), you'll receive the land expansion containing the Event Hall and a One Hour Thyme Crate. This crate can be harvested only three times before it vanishes, but you'll receive two One Hour Thymes each time you collect from it. As for the Event Hall itself, it can be moved and rotated using the appropriate tools in the game's edit menu, but it can't be stored as of this writing. That means you're stuck with this item in your restaurant whether you want it or not, but can hide it as best as you can if you simply don't care about it being around. It will be interesting to see if this Event Hall changes in function as well as design with each passing theme, and we'll make sure to let you know if that happens. For now, you've got five days to finish this quest, so get started as soon as you can! Good luck!

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What do you think of this Event Hall? Do you wish to be able to store this building, or do you like this complex decoration? Sound off in the comments!

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