SimCity Social Night Mayor Quests: Everything you need to know


With just days left before Halloween, EA and Playfish have finally brought the holiday to SimCity Social on Facebook via the release of the Trick or Treat Trail. This timed event will see us interacting with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies and more as we complete five different quest lines over the next week. That's not a lot of time to complete this incredibly lengthy event, so we're here to help you plan ahead as you go along, thanks to the SimCity Social forums. The first quest line we'll take a look at is that of the Vampire, with quests called "Night Mayor," which are clearly (if lightly) inspired by True Blood.

I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka

  • Get 3 Bags of Candy

  • Get 1 Jack-o-Lantern

  • Deliver 5 Vampire Awareness Brochures

Both the Bags of Candy and the Jack-o-Lantern can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors asking for help. You'll also have a chance of earning these items at random when tending businesses or factories. As for the Vampire Brochures, you'll need to click on five homes in your city and click on the themed task to "deliver" them to the homes' residents. You'll earn 1,000 Simoleons and 2 XP for completing this first quest.

Pre-Packed Lunch

  • Collect 3 Blood Bags

  • Stock Synthetic Blood 3 Times

  • Interview the Vampire

The Blood Bags are collected at Hospitals, so if you don't have one in your own town, make sure to visit your friends' stores and try to collect them there. Meanwhile, stocking Synthetic Blood can be done at Convenience Stores. Again, if you don't have three individual Convenience Stores in your city, you should be able to do this at friends' town as well. Finally, interviewing the Vampire can be done at your own Mayor's House. Finishing this quest gives you two XP and 1,250 Simoleons.

Silver Scream

  • Screen Vampire Interview

  • Have 3 Spooky Spiders

Screening the Vampire interview can be done at a Cinema, while you'll need to ask your friends for the Spooky Spiders. Playfish has been giving these sorts of items out on the game's Facebook fan page as well, so make sure to claim everything you can for free progress! You'll receive two XP and three Goodwill for completing this third quest.

Unwary Travelers

  • Round Up 8 Tourists

  • Build the Spooky Crypt

"Rounding Up Tourists" can be accomplished by clicking on attractions like Minigolf Parks. You might need to tend Attractions in your friends' cities as well to actually reach eight Tourists in total. As for the Spooky Crypt, this is a decoration available in the new Halloween item theme in the game's store. It costs 6,000 Simoleons to purchase, and is a long, narrow item that can be used to fill in a blank spot you might have between homes in your town. It offers a +13 population boost to surrounding buildings. When you complete this final quest in the Vampire series, you'll receive 2,000 Simoleons, two XP and a Transylvanian Castle for your town.

SImCity Social Transylvanian Castle
SImCity Social Transylvanian Castle

This castle currently isn't available to purchase on its own in the game's store, so you'll need to reach at least this point in the Trick or Treat Trail to get anything really special out of it. Remember, you have just a week to complete not only this quest series, but four more that come after it! That's a ton of work for a short amount of time, so make sure to put your daily friend requests to good use and you just might stand a chance.

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What do you think of these Night Mayor quests in SimCity Social? Do you think you'll have time to complete them, or this entire event, before time runs out? Sound off in the comments!