Hurricane Sandy Risks to Northeast Coast Grow


Hurricane Sandy became a more powerful storm than what the forecasters were expecting. Now it is looking as though Hurricane Sandy is another risk to the Northeast. The official path shows that the storm could be a risk anywhere from North Carolina up to Massachusetts starting late Sunday night as far south as North Carolina and up to Tuesday for further up the East Coast.

Officially, the Atlantic hurricane season is June 1 to November 30 but some storms can still occur outside of these dates. That being said, this is late in the storm season for there to be a strengthening hurricane which could come back in and skirt the Northeast coast.

Now the hope has to be that NOAA and the National Hurricane Center are still way off on their forecasts. The good news is that these forecasters have had a pretty weak record this year when trying to forecast where a storm will over a period of four or five days out. The bad news is that this storm is still out there and still a risk whether it is late in the hurricane season or not.


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