Battle Sudoku Against Friends tests your speed and logic on iOS


Inspired by games like Words with Friends, 6waves and Tintash have released Battle Sudoku Against Friends, a challenging number game that sees you "attacking" your opponents in turn based battles that focus a bit more on luck than on skill.

Each game starts with a standard, fully completed Sudoku board, which has the numbers 1-9 in each row, column or block only once. Some of these squares have been covered up with tiles or mines, so on each turn, it will be up to you to decipher which squares to tap on to reveal certain numbers (and not mines) underneath. This backwards take on Sudoku is timed and takes a lot of getting used to, even if you're familiar with completing normal Sudoku grids. Each round, a player can only reveal three tiles in total, with the goal being to uncover three of the same number, three prime numbers (3, 5, 7, for instance) or three numbers in a row (like 3, 4, 5). If you uncover a mine, you'll lose points for that round. If you can't complete one of each round's three goals, you'll simply earn points equal in value to the numbers that you uncovered.

You can purchase a few power-ups using coins that recharge a few times an hour, like the ability to see under tiles before you click on them, and boosts that add more time to your turn, giving you additional time to plan your attack before tapping on anything. The game requires Facbeook Connect to play, but also allows for combat against random strangers. If you're interested in trying Battle Sudoku Against Friends for yourself, it's now available to download for free on iPhone (a native iPad app is currently not available).

Click here to download Battle Sudoku Against Friends Free on iPhone >

Have you tried Battle Sudoku Against Friends? Would you try the game if it had native iPad support, or do you do all of your gaming on your iPhone? Sound off in the comments!