Wizard101 goes Jurassic with Azteca, an all new world to explore

Wizard101 Azteca screens
Wizard101 Azteca screens

Don't go thinking that, just because Pirate101 is the new hotness, that the game that put KingsIsle Entertainment on the map would fall by the wayside. To prove just that, the developer has announced an all new world for Wizard101: Azteca. Headed for the Wizard101 test realm later this week, Azteca brings with it a host of new features, but one that seems to particularly excite producer Leah Ruben.

Dinosaurs. Ruben gushed about the new prehistoric-themed characters in giving us the rundown of all that Azteca has to offer. When Azteca hits the test realm later this week, players will have access to an all-new level cap of 90, which includes new high-level, class-specific spells, new Astral spells and a new crafting level and recipes to boot.
On their way to Level 90, players will explore 13 zones worth of Azteca filled with ancient ruins, lush jungles and, yes, plenty of dinosaurs both friend and foe, it seems. Finally, you can expect lots of new gear, pets and mounts to collect as well. Plus, KingsIsle has seemingly managed to turn toucans into recurring characters. If that's not exciting to you, than you've clearly were deprived of Fruit Loops as a child.

As for how to access Azteca, we're told that it's only available to Level 80 players that have completed the "A Storm is Coming" quest in Avalon. However, it will cost non-Wizard101 members about 12,000 Crowns to access every area in Azteca when it goes live later this year. If you're averse to the test realms, at least these images will hold you over for a few solid seconds.

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