The Sims Social 'Fangs for the Memories' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Halloween quest screens
The Sims Social Halloween quest screens

All Hallow's Eve soon approaches in The Sims Social. Are you close to completing those projects yet? Lady Grey is back this week, and she has the last and final mission for us: Clear Vampire Gardens of, well, vampires. So, sharpen your stakes and practice your roundhouse kicks, because this week, you'll embark on a journey to vanquish some vampires.

Before you venture into those vampire-infested gardens, you need to remember to spare no vampires and also to spare no bats, irrespective of the clarity of their sparkle. Here's how to finish these quests straight from The Sims Social team at Playfish:

Step 1 – Fangs For The Memories!

  • Become Inspired

  • Unlock the Gate and start exploring Vampire Garden

If we complete all three weeks' worth of projects by the end of this week, we will unlock the castle interior and attain the fabulous chariot .Not to mention the writing skill item in Vampire Gardens and the adorable yet eerie Medusa plushie. Rewards: 10 LP, 20 XP, 1 Energy, Hammer.

Step 2 – Fangs For The Memories!

  • Have 1 Delicious Morsel

  • Complete Stage 1 of Vampire Gardens

  • Investigate 2 vampires

You can collect a delicious morsel by eating, so start pigging out, Simmers! Complete Stage 1 of Vampire Gardens in a course of six steps. Look around Midnight Grove to find vampires and click on them to investigate. If you can't see any vampires around, they are probably still napping. You will need to return to Midnight Grove in a while to find some. Rewards: 15 LP, 25 XP, 1 Energy, Love

The Sims Social screens
The Sims Social screens

Step 3 – Fangs For The Memories!

  • Clear 3 Skulls from Midnight Grove

  • Make Wolfswood more inviting

  • Have 3 vampire stakes

Look around for skulls near Vampire Gardens and click on them to clear them away. If you don't see any, you will need to come back in a bit. Click on Wolfswood and then select the option to make it more inviting. Finally, collect three vampire stakes by clearing wild brambles near Vampire Gardens. Rewards: 20 LP, 30 XP, 2 Energy, Saw

Step 4 – Fangs For The Memories!

  • Investigate 2 scarecrows

  • Complete stage 2 of Vampire Gardens

  • Complete the statue project in Vampire Gardens

Scarecrows appear around Midnight Grove from time to time. If you don't see any, you will need to return after a short while. When you do see them, click and choose the option to investigate. Get through the second stage of Vampire Gardens by completing all eight required steps. Then complete the statue in Vampire Gardens by finishing two five-step-long stages and banish those evil vampires, once and for all. Rewards: 25 LP, 2 Energy, 35 XP, Duster

Step 5 – Fangs For The Memories!

  • Complete stage 3 of Vampire Gardens

  • Ask friends for help

Complete the third and final stage of Vampire Gardens by finishing all nine steps. Go ahead and ask friends for help and tell them about your brand new Halloween Castle. Huzzah! If you have managed to complete all of the projects from the past three weeks, you will receive your very own chariot. And, of course, let's not forget that you will have unlocked the castle interior by now as well. It's been a great Halloween with you, Simmers. Hope you have enjoyed yourselves, too. Rewards: 30 LP, 3 Energy, 40 XP, Medusa Plushie.

The Sims Social Fangs for the Memories screens
The Sims Social Fangs for the Memories screens

Collectibles Required:

Vampire Gardens:
Dreams (3), Buzz (1), Muse (3), Fury (9), Fiction Book (25), Saw (12), Duster (2), Hammer (8), Silver (20), Vampire's Teeth (29), Plot Twist (10), Screws (7), Wrench (9), Power drill (6), Vampire Blood (24), Vampire Stake (17), Metamaterial (13), History Book (20), Rubber Glove (3), Fear (14), Glass Eyes (11), Planks (8), Nails (4), Love (4), Admiration (20), Spreadsheet (5), Paper (5), Entertainment (5), Hype (5), Zen Crystal (5)

Medusa Statue Project:
Hammer (1), Screws (1), Wrench (3), Nails (2), Power Drill (4), Fury (4), Paint (13), Pen (3), Metamaterial (3), Silver (3), Glass Eyes (9), Vampire Blood ( 12), Fear (4), Vampire's Teeth(9), Love (5), Fury (4) Plot Twist (6), Deep thought (4), Vampire Stake (8), History Book (5)

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