FarmVille: Celebrate Halloween with a give one, get one event

In celebration of Halloween, Zynga has released another feature in FarmVille in a long line of "most helpful neighbors" releases. As with previous events, this one will give you a chance to spend 5 Farm Cash on a single FarmVille neighbor, sending them an exclusive item that they wouldn't be able to have otherwise. In doing so, you'll earn another exclusive item for yourself as a free gift. Here's a rundown of how this newest "FarmVille Friendship" event works.

First things first, you'll be able to find the FarmVille Friendship window by clicking on the small pumpkin on the right side menu of the FarmVille gameplay screen. If you're like us, you won't receive a pop-up or any sort of indication that this event is taking place, so you'll need to manually click on the pumpkin to take part. Once there, you'll be shown a list of six of your "most helpful" neighbors, but as we've learned from previous events, this really isn't true. If you don't want to send an item to any of those friends, simply close the window and reopen it to see a selection of six different friends. There's unfortunately no search box to allow you to see a specific neighbor out of all that you may have, so you may need to close and open this window quite a few times before finding the right neighbor.

Once you find the neighbor(s) you're looking for, you can spend 5 Farm Cash each to spend them a Spectral Horse as a way of saying thanks for all of the help they've given you. In exchange, you'll receive a free Witch Hat Tree for your own farm. Remember, if you want this Witch Hat Tree, you'll need to spend the 5 Farm Cash on another neighbor, but you can easily earn both items for the same price if you setup an exchange with a single neighbor before hand. If you both purchase each other a Spectral Pegasus, you'll both also receive a Witch Hat Tree, making both items only cost 2.5 Farm Cash each. I don't know about you, but that's a pretty great bargain. Remember, if you plan on taking advantage of this feature, you'll need to do so fast, as it will only be available for a limited time.

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Will you send any of your neighbors a Spectral Pegasus? Will you send more than one, or just one so that you'll receive the Witch Hat Tree? Sound off in the comments!