Disney helped make a multiplatform cricket game, Cricket Fever Challenge

Cricket Fever Challenge
Cricket Fever Challenge

In some American circles (and more European and East Indian circles), cricket is kind of a big deal. Still, the fact that it now has a multiplatform social game--published by Disney, no less--is a bit of a surprise. Developed by Indiagames and available on iOS, Android and Facebook, Cricket Fever Challenge offers a full 3D cricket experience that lets players go head-to-head no matter what device they're playing from.

For the first time in the series, players can compete in multiplayer challenges that seemingly are sent asynchronously across all platforms. Like any decent mobile social game. Cricket Fever Challenge offers push notifications for new challenges, leaderboards to aspire to and a matchmaking system through which players can find new friends to compete with.

But unlike other sports games based around asynchronous play, Cricket Fever Challenge actually seems to demand skill and accuracy, with swipe-based controls for batting, real-time physics and motion capture-powered animations. The game is free-to-play, of course, but offers a "full version" for $2.99. Either way, this is a cricket game for Facebook, iOS and Android, which is pretty cool in its own right, no?

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