Poll: At $329, would you rather game on iPad mini or $299 iPod Touch?

Apple iPad Mini
Apple iPad Mini

Apple unveiled both the 4th generation iPad with more powerful guts and a device in an all-new product line, the iPad mini. Starting at a whopping $329 (for its 7.9" display size), the iPad mini does not offer a Retina display with its 1,024x768 resolution. However, it could very well welcome folks who were simply too off-put by the standard iPad's $499 price tag.

Plus, Retina display or not, it does come with everything that a standard iPad does, like front-facing and rear cameras, LTE wireless connectivity (at an even more premium price), the new Lightning connector and 10 hours of battery life. That said, for $30 less, Apple offers an iPod Touch with Retina display and even more powerful graphics for the latest games. So, we ask you:

To game on iPad mini or the new iPod Touch?
[Image Credit: Engadget]

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