Mary Kennedy's Home, Where She Committed Suicide, Up for Sale in Bedford, N.Y.

Mary Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr home in Bedford, NY
Mary Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr home in Bedford, NY

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is selling the Bedford, N.Y., property where his estranged wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, committed suicide in May.

The 10-acre property and its gorgeous 10,000-square-foot Colonial is on the market for $3.9 million. Ginnel Real Estate, the firm that has the listing, calls it a "state-of-the art and eco-friendly country estate" with all kinds of environmentally conscious features, including geothermal heating and cooling, and fiber-optic lighting. It makes no mention of its connection to Mary Kennedy's suicide or of the politically powerful Kennedy name.

Mary Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Mary Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Mary Kennedy (seem here with her husband) was well-known for being a champion of environmental issues. Her body was found in a barn on the property on May 16 after she'd hanged herself. She had been publicly battling alcoholism and depression and was locked in a divorce and custody battle with Kennedy at the time of her death.

Britain's Daily Mail tabloid quoted an unnamed source as saying that Kennedy is selling the house to make a move to Los Angeles to spend more time with his girlfriend, actress Cheryl Hines.

"I've heard that Bobby wants to make a fresh start, and I don't really blame him," the source said. "He's in love with Cheryl. They're happy together, and they want to get on with their lives."

Another source reportedly said that Kennedy has to sell the house to pay off Mary's debts because she had sunk a lot of cash into remodeling the home, which became known as the "Kennedy Green House."

"He is still paying off Mary's credit card bills," the source said. "She spent a fortune remodeling the house, and he's still paying off the debts.... Bobby's not as flush as you may think."

Muffin Dowdle, the real estate agent who is selling the home, did not respond to requests for comment. Other brokers in the area, however, were quoted by New York's Daily News as saying that the Kennedy connection might make the home a tough sell.

One broker, unnamed by the Daily News, wouldn't even enter the home during an open house, saying, "I just didn't feel like going in. It has bad karma. It's such a tragic story."

The newspaper quoted another broker as saying anonymously that the home's unique features would outshine the Kennedy legacy. "A lot of houses up here have interesting and sometimes difficult pasts."

Peter Bienstock, Mary's lawyer, said that, though Mary "worked very hard to make the house what it was," he "wasn't surprised" that it was up for sale.

According to The New York Times, Bobby and Mary Kennedy's names appear on a deed for the house as well as a June 2010 record of a $500,000 mortgage.

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