FarmVille Bride of Duckula: Everything you need to know

Now that Count Duckula has been re-released in FarmVille, it's time to help the Count prepare for the upcoming arrival of his bride: the Bride of Duckula. This comes by way of a new event being held on the outskirts of your farm, as you can complete eight different stages of challenges in order to earn exclusive rewards that can't be earned anywhere else. We're here with a guide to completing this event and earning all of these limited edition prizes, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started.

Stage 1

  • Get 6 Dusty Dusters

  • Get 6 Insta Cobwebs

  • Get 8 Moldy Sponges

These three sets of items are earned by asking your friends for help. You'll need to ask your friends for the Dusty Dusters and the Insta Cobwebs via general news items posted on your wall, while the Moldy Sponges are earned via individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. When you complete this first challenge, you'll receive a Frankencat animal for your farms.

Stage 2

  • Get 8 Dark Candles

Stages 2-8 are similar to the first stage, asking you to pester your friends for help in one way or another. That's the case here, as you'll be able to earn the Dark Candles by sending requests directly to your friends for help. You'll receive a Dark Candle Tree for finishing this stage.

Stage 3

  • Get 5 Friends Help Setup

These friends are earned by sending requests directly to your friends, but unlike past items which could technically be completed over multiple days by the same friends, this task requires you to have five different friends helping you out. You'll receive an Invisible Maid Gnome for finishing this task.

Stage 4

  • Get 6 Parchment

  • Get 6 Boxes of Chocolates

  • Get 10 Dark Roses

The Parchment and Boxes of Chocolates are earned by posting general news posts to your wall for all of your friends to help, while the Dark Roses can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Up to this point, finishing any of the previous tasks also allowed you to share free Dark Roses on your news feed for friends to claim, so make sure you click on your own friends' posts to earn a few along the way. You'll receive a Dark Rose Tree for finishing this task.

Stage 5

  • Get 6 Friends to Help Serve Food

Like Stage 3 above, this one requires you to ask your friends to be "staff" of sorts, instead of sending you items directly. Friends can be earned by sending out direct requests to your neighbors. You'll receive a Duckula's Banquet Table for finishing this fifth stage in the event.

Stage 6

  • Get 7 Tomato Juice

  • Get 7 Grass Souffles

  • Get 12 Gummy-Worm Stews

The Tomato Juice and Grass Souffles are earned through general news items posted to your feed, while the Gummy-Worm Stews can be earned by sending out individual requests directly to your neighbors. As with the Dark Roses before, these previous tasks have allowed you to share free Gummy-Worm Stews with your friends, so make sure to claim some from your own friends' news posts as they too work to complete this event. You'll receive a Cthulhu Butler for finishing this stage in the event.

Stage 7

  • Get 8 Pages of Sheet Music for the Violinist

These eight music sheets are earned by posting a request directly to your wall/news feed, asking all friends to help at once. You'll receive a Werewolf Violinist for finishing this goal.

Stage 8

  • Get 8 Vines

  • Get 8 Dry Leaves

  • Get 14 Trunks

The Vines and Dry Leaves are earned by yet again posting more items to your news feed, asking your friends for help. If you haven't guessed, the Trunks are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends, and you'll be able to claim some free Trunks from the previous stages, as they let you share free Trunks on your wall when you complete them. For finishing this final stage in this Bride of Duckula event, you'll receive the Bride herself which can be placed on your farms.

This entire event is timed, so you'll need to play as often as you can and make use of all of your daily requests to friends in order to get done in time. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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What do you think of this Bride of Duckula event? Do you think you'll be able to finish all of these stages in time? Sound off in the comments!