FarmVille 2: These new Halloween crafting recipes are mighty expensive

We've seen a tradition appear in FarmVille 2 when it comes to new crops, as those crops normally come with new crafting recipes to create in the game's Crafting Kitchen (that is, if the crop isn't poisonous, as was the case with Wolfsbane). When it comes to the new Bewitching Bounty items, and its new trees and crops, we've seen the same thing happen here but with a twist: two of these crafting recipes require a Farm Bucks item to create.

To put things into perspective, basic White Pumpkins can be planted for 20 coins, but the Blood Orange Trees cost 12 Farm Bucks each. White Pumpkins are used in White Pumpkin Pies, a recipe that sells for 1,000 coins each. It would be "fair" then to see these Farm Bucks Blood Oranges give out Farm Bucks for their crafting recipes as well, but that's not the case.

For Blood Orange Galettes, you'll need 10 Blood Oranges and two Sugar to craft a single batch. You can either purchase a Blood Orange Tree or you can purchase the 10 Blood Oranges outright for 10 Farm Bucks, while Sugar must be earned with friends' help. Once you create a Blood Orange Galette, it can be sold for 1,460 coins.

Furthermore, Blood Orange Lemonades can be crafted using 12 Blood Oranges and one Lemonade, with the Lemonade itself being another crafting recipe requiring lemons and lemon water. This is definitely a complex crafting process, so the final sale price of a Blood Orange Lemonade - 1,720 coins - seems really low for the ingredients it requires.

Finally, the White Pumpkin Pies are a much better option, even if only for the fact that White Pumpkins can be planted and harvested for free. A single pie requires eight White Pumpkins and a Pie Crust (another crafting recipe), and the final pie can be sold for 1,000 coins.

It's always possible that Blood Orange Trees will be given away for free via Halloween-themed quests, but for now, these two recipes really aren't worth the 12 Farm Bucks price to be able to cook them, unless you happen to be a tree collector that was going to purchase the tree either way.

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What do you think of these new Halloween-themed crafting recipes in FarmVille 2? Did you purchase a Blood Orange Tree, or are you holding out hope for Zynga to release them for free / coins? Sound off in the comments!