Angry Birds and McDonalds: Billions of pigs happily crushed (in China)

Angry Birds McDonalds China
Angry Birds McDonalds China

If an Angry Birds invasion of Star Wars wasn't enough, how about one of the largest fast food chain on the planet? According to PSFK, developer Rovio and McDonalds have teamed up to bring a series of location-based Angry Birds games to Chinese McDonalds locations.

When Big Mac mavens play Angry Birds at a McDonalds in China, they'll enjoy hidden game modes and special power-ups not available to them otherwise. Chinese fans of the iconic mobile game will also be able to vote on their favorite McDonalds location that will be host a real-life slingshot on its arches.

"We're delighted about this exciting new initiative in China," McDonalds China VP of marketing Christine Xu said in a release. "Both McDonald's and Rovio are brands that are very focused on their customers, wanting to constantly bring them better and more engaging experiences, and that's what brought us together."

The promotion already has a TV ad that you can check out below. We wouldn't be surprised if this promotion were to hit the Western world as well. At this point, we're not sure who is left for Rovio to partner with. Angry Birds bird feeders? We're just plain tapped, guys.

[Via TouchArcade]

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