60 Minutes Highlights Medical Marijuana Advocacy by GrowLife (PHOT) and Other Public Companies in "T

60 Minutes Highlights Medical Marijuana Advocacy by GrowLife (PHOT) and Other Public Companies in "Tipping Point"

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- GrowLife Inc. (formerly known as Phototron Holdings Inc.) (OTC: PHOT), an innovative leader in high end horticulture supply, today joins 60 Minutes, the most influential weekly news television broadcast, in the national dialogue on the tipping point for marijuana acceptance in the USA. On this last Sunday's broadcast, 60 Minutes host Steve Kroft and his guests addressed the question of marijuana cultivation for personal use. The argument was made that social acceptance of marijuana is at a 'tipping point,' an unbalance in which even the US Federal Government would be strained to enforce laws to the contrary.

In the past, 60's style marijuana advocates led the challenge to a failed stereotypical view, but today's national dialogue is being played out by an entirely new set of activists. Medical doctors, hospice, palliative care directors, veterans group and a wide swath of American citizens lead the way in voter initiatives from the traditionally liberal states of Oregon and Washington, to the more conservative leaning Arkansas.

The 60 Minutes episode also highlighted the fact that leadership in progressive states is also coming from publicly traded companies and their shareholders. Public companies in the space include those that focus on medical and science applications like Medical Marijuana, Inc. and Cannabis Science, as well as, those that focus more on the growing end such as GrowLife, Inc. and Hemp, Inc. According to GrowLife CEO Sterling Scott, "the very existence of fully reporting SEC regulated companies connected in one manner or another to marijuana and hemp based products was unthinkable even 10-15 years ago. Today GrowLife is one of several thriving public companies that are engaged in supplying the picks and shovels for this emerged industry while also behaving responsibly as regarding public markets and shareholders. The tipping point alluded to by 60 Minutes has passed."

GrowLife CEO Sterling Scott predicts "it will be clear after the November 2012 elections that the country has already tipped. The Prohibition of the 1920's was repealed in a time not too dissimilar from ours. Then Americans faced widespread economic malaise and voters justifiably asked how can we justify spending tax dollars to enforce an unpopular and widely disrespected law while millions are out of work. Repeal it was argued in the early 1930's would bring additional tax revenues and jobs that were desperately needed. The team at 60 Minutes has helped to country to realize, as have voters and innovative regulators in Colorado, that it is time for sensible policy across the country involving industrial hemp and marijuana."

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