The Sims Social: Play JetSet Secrets for free Spy Computer


Just as Electronic Arts has started to cross promoteJetSet Secrets within its Facebook building game SimCity Social, so too has the company decided to push out a free item for players of the Sims Social that are willing to give the company's new hidden object game a chance. In this case, Sims Social players are being offered a free computer for their Sim's pad, but you'll need to actually play JetSet Secrets in order to unlock it.

The next time you login to the Sims Social, you'll see a new entry in your friends bar that has the JetSet Secrets logo. We didn't spot any sort of in-game pop-up encouraging you to play JetSet Secrets, so this promotion could have been handled better, but you can trust us that it's worthwhile. You'll need to play JetSet Secrets until reaching at least Level 3, and will then receive a Spy Computer back for your Sim's house.

Once you're back in the Sims Social, you'll find this computer within your inventory (click on Shop in the bottom right corner and then click on the cardboard box "Storage" icon). It has a home value of $1,750 and would otherwise be worth 2,000 Simoleons if you had been forced to purchase this item manually. Since it's a functioning item, it helps your Sim's fun and social stats, but it doesn't come with any sorts of skill point tasks that will increase your Sim's overall traits. You can simply click on tasks like "Scan for Sentries to Sap" and "Check Spy Email" ti win XP and Simoleons that can be used elsewhere in the game. Still, the item is free, so we're definitely not complaining. Just make sure to claim yours as fast as you can, as there's no telling when this cross-promotion might come to an end.

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What do you think of this particular cross-promotion between Sims Social and JetSet Secrets? Have you already earned your Spy Computer for your game? Sound off in the comments!