No, this Minecraft meets 'Gangnam Style' parody isn't lame at all

Minecraft Gangnam Style
Minecraft Gangnam Style

Who knows, maybe you'll get a chuckle out of it. A whopping four months and countless parodies after Korean rapper PSY rocked the web with his hilarious music video for "Gangnam Style," we finally have a Minecraft take on the Internet craze. But frankly, four months in Internet time may as well be four years, which doesn't help the video uploaded by CaptainSparklez.

The video is essentially a shot-for-shot adaptation of the original using Minecraft elements. Of course, its makers took some creative liberties, like swapping horses for pigs--the mounts in the world of Minecraft--and a 100 percent original lyric sheet. Granted, this is quite an achievement as far as animation is concerned, but even for a Minecraft mega fan, this might be a cringe-worthy experience.

At any rate, take a gander below and tell us whether those were four life-minutes wasted in the comments:

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