Goldman's PR Problem

Big news for the financial community! The long-awaited book from former Goldman Sachs (NYS: GS) vice president, Greg Smith, is being released today. Smith originally hit the newswires after writing a scathing op-ed in The New York Times, publicly resigning from Goldman and criticizing the investment bank for losing its way and abandoning its once well-regarded culture.

This could be a big deal for the investment community. In the investment banking world, Goldman Sachs has to compete tooth and nail with peers like Morgan Stanley (NYS: MS) , Merrill Lynch (NYS: AMO) , and JPMorgan (NYS: JPM) to get the best and most talented folks available.

Goldman has been on the offensive recently, rebutting Smith's claims. The bank noted that Smith was disgruntled about the fact that he had been passed over for promotion multiple times and got a bonus that he wasn't happy with.

Though we chuckle at Smith's claim that Goldmanites referred to clients as "muppets," Goldman said that around 99% of "muppet" references in Goldman emails referred to the movie by the same name. Some investors may be scared about investing in big banking stocks after the crash, but the sector has one notable stand-out. In a sea of mismanaged and dangerous peers, it rises above as The Only Big Bank Built to Last. You can uncover the top pick that we and Warren Buffett love today in our new report. It's free, so click here to access it now.

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