FarmVille Haunted Hollow Chapter 6 Goals: Everything you need to know


While farmers are now being encouraged to beat Haunted Hollow in FarmVille to unlock a free shipping license, this doesn't mean that we're ready to say goodbye to the Halloween-themed land just yet. In fact, a new chapter in the game's storyline of goals has now been released, taking us into Chapter 6. We're here with a complete guide on finishing the six goals in this series, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Scaring Stiff

  • Get 6 Medusa Muds

  • Harvest 100 Green Toadstools

  • Make Crystal Cocktail 3 Times

For this "Medusa Muds" task and every other task that asks you to "get" a specific number of some item, you'll need to ask your friends to send those to you via either individual requests sent directly to neighbors or general news posts on your wall. As for the Crystal Cocktails, these are made in the Haunted Hollow Potion Shop using two Spectre Berry, two Jack-O-Lantern and three Grape bushels each. Each of those take six hours to craft, while the Green Toadstools take 12 hours to grow. You'll receive 150 XP, a Stone Willow Tree and 3,000 coins for finishing this first goal.

Howler Housing

  • Get 8 Lycansbane Leaves

  • Harvest 124 Spectre Berries

  • Make Cauldron Stew 3 Times

This Cauldron Stew recipe is also made in the Potion Shop, only here you'll need Sage, Tombstone and Tomato bushels to create one. Spectre Berries take a full day to grow, so make sure you plant those just as soon as you're done with the Green Toadstools in the goal above, even if you've yet to pass the first goal. That way, when you reach this second goal, you won't have to wait so long for them to finishing growing. Completing this second goal gives you 200 XP, a Werewolf Hut and 3,500 coins.

Praise the Sun!

  • Get 8 Sun Smoothies

  • Harvest 150 Sage

  • Make Fire Brew 2 Times

Yet again, you're dealing with a long-term crop here, as Sage takes a full day to grow. Plan ahead appropriately though, and you won't have to actually wait a full day to progress once you reach this goal. If you're still waiting for these crops to grow, you can spend some time crafting Fire Brews, which are created in a three-star Potion Shop (remember to keep upgrading your Potion Shop by continuing to craft items, even if they're not required for goals). A single Fire Brew takes two Spectre Berry, one Sage and two Jalapeno bushels to craft. You'll earn 250 XP, a Solar Eclipse Tree and 4,000 coins when you complete this goal.

Moonlight Delight

  • Get 8 Moonlight candles

  • Harvest 20 Wormwood

  • Improve Haunted Mansion to Stage 5

Wormwood takes two full days to grow, so this might be the time to bust out any sort of Instagrow potion that you may have in your inventory. If not, try plowing 20 new squares in the corner of your Haunted Hollow farm and plant these even from the very beginning of this goal series so that they're fully harvested and waiting for you when you get to this goal. As for the Haunted Mansion, you'll need to upgrade it using items like Cobwebs and Old Fences, which are earned through a combination of general news posts and individual requests sent to friends. Complete this goal to receive 300 XP, a Forest Warg animal and 4,500 coins.

Splice Thrice

  • Get 9 Splice Creams

  • Harvest 225 Sage

  • Make Lucky Charm 3 Times

Again, Sage takes a full day to grow, so plant this as soon as you get close to reaching this goal to save time. Meanwhile, the Lucky Charms are another recipe that's only available in a Level 3 or higher Potion Shop, with a single Lucky Charm requiring three Tombstone, two Green Toadstool and one Lavender bushel to craft. Remember, you can claim bushels from your friends once per day, so stock up ahead of time to pass these sorts of goals more quickly. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 350 XP, a Banapple Tree and 5,000 coins.

One Sneeze Away

  • Get 10 Polymorph Pollens

  • Harvest 250 Zombies

  • Make Werewolf's Bane 2 Times

This final goal requires the most amount of crops yet, but luckily, the crop in question, Zombies, only takes 12 hours to grow, unlike some others in this series that required two full days. Also remember that you can ask your full supply of FarmVille neighbors to send you items once everyday, so you should (in theory) have no problem racking up the 10 Polymorph Pollens. When you complete this final goal, you'll receive 400 XP, a Fuzzy Dragon animal and 5,500 coins.

Remember, you're limited to completing these goals over just the next week, so make sure that you're constantly working on these goals before they expire, taking their rewards with them. Good luck finishing them all!

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