CityVille UFO Landing: Everything you need to know


If you're familiar with the Whale Rescue feature in CityVille that asks you to expand out into the water surrounding your town in order to rescue lost baby whales, you'll feel right at home with the newest event in the game: the UFO Landing. This event sees you building a UFO Landing site and then expanding your city (not water) to reach four aliens that have been scattered around your land. This feature is available to players that have reached at least Level 15 in their cities, and we're here with a complete guide to finishing it off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Seeking Lifeforms

  • Repair Alien Family's UFO to Level 2

  • Find Papa Alien

  • Get 12 Alien UV Goggles

The Alien UV Goggles are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, but since your requests are limitedeach day, make sure you ask for these items early and often until you have all 12. To repair the UFO Landing site, you'll need to collect a variety of building parts, starting with 12 Cockpit Controls. Throughout this event, you'll need to ask your friends for items or can earn them by tending UFO Landing themed buildings that are available in the store. These buildings are items like a Deep Space Communications Community Building or the Rocket Dealership Business, both of which are available for coins. Finally, to find Papa Alien, you can click on the "Show Me" button which will take you to the expansion that you need to reach that contains that particular alien. Once you can interact with him, simply move him next to the UFO to finish this task and goal. You'll receive two Zoning Permits and 50,000 coins for finishing this goal.


  • Collect from 10 UFO Themed Buildings

  • Find Mama and Baby Alien

  • Repair Alien Family's UFO to Level 4

Luckily, two of these tasks can be completed at the same time, as you'll need to collect from buildings for the first goal task, but can also earn collectibles from those buildings, so you should be collecting from them anyway. The process to finding and moving both Mama and Baby Alien is the same, so expand your city until you reach them and then pull them back to the UFO to continue. You'll receive 200 XP and four Zoning Permits when you finish this goal.

New World

  • Get 20 Sparkling Space Rock

  • Completely Repair Alien Family's UFO

  • Find Alien Dog

There are seven items you need to collect in all for the Alien Family UFO, so while you're working on collecting those materials from friends or themed buildings, you can also work on expanding out to the UFO Dog. You'll need to move it back to the UFO as well to finish the family, and will receive six Zoning Permits and 500,000 coins for completing this final goal. Good luck!

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What do you think of this series of Alien UFO goals and the requirements to expand your city to find them? Will you actually expand your city just to find these aliens, or will you continue to expand only when and where you want to? Sound off in the comments!