FarmVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Put that garlic to good use

While most FarmVille 2 players are familiar with the new Garlic crop that Zynga has released as part of the game's Fangtastic Fun theme, what they might not notice is that Garlic can actually be used in a new recipe within the Crafting Kitchen. Along with the release of this Garlic-inspired dish comes two other Halloween dishes, which are almost more profitable in the long run.

The trio of dishes are the Skeleton Cookies, Candy Apple and Garlic Bread, and we're here with a look at the requirements and stats for each of them.

Skeleton Cookies - 10 Lemons + 2 Batter

For this recipe, you'll need to use the Lemons from Lemon Trees and Batter that can be crafted using Flour and Eggs (Flour itself is made from Wheat) to make a single batch. The Skeleton Cookies sell for 970 coins each at the Farmer's Market, which is more than you'd make by just selling the Batters and Lemons on their own (but not by much).

Candy Apples - 10 Apples + 3 Sugar

This recipe requires Apples from Apple Trees and Sugar that can be earned by asking your friends to send it to you via individual requests. Since Sugar comes directly from friends, it has no value (it can't be sold on its own), but ten Apples would sell for 180 coins in bulk. Since Candy Apples sell for 1,290 coins each, that's definitely a better use of Apples than selling them individually, or even turning them into Animal Feed.

Garlic Bread - 12 Garlic + 2 Flour

Garlic takes four hours to grow, and unless you want to sell it individually, this Garlic Bread is the only place it can be put to other use. A single loaf of Garlic Bread sells for 1,050 coins, while each individual Flour would sell for only 90 coins. Obviously, this is a much better profit than selling each individual ingredient, but remember, there are so many other crafting projects that produce so many more coins if you're going for bulk cash fast. Still, it's nice to have at least one thing to create with this Garlic so it doesn't go to waste, and we'll make sure to let you know if additional recipes are released in the future.

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What do you think of these new Halloween themed recipes? Have you started growing your own Garlic, or are you still trying to master previously released limited edition crops, like Daisies and Wolfsbane? Sound off in the comments!

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