CityVille Dragon Castles: Everything you need to know


While Dragons might not be the first thing you'd think of when talking about Halloween, Zynga has released a pair of Dragon Castles in CityVille's Halloween event for building. This is a unique feature, as the two Castles come paired together in a land expansion, but they must be built separately. Similarly, they both have different functions, as one is a home and the other is a community building. We're here with a complete guide to building these Dragon Castles, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Tooth & Nail!

  • Ask friends for 35 Dragon Teeth

  • Complete the White Dragon Castle

  • Complete the Red Dragon Castle

First things first, you'll need to bug your friends for the Dragon Teeth, so start asking for those immediately. While you're waiting for those to arrive, you can start work on the two castles. Clicking on the "Show Me" button within this goal will automatically move your game's camera to show you the base of both of these castles, which have shown up automatically in your city. If you've expanded to the whole game board already, check for these in either your Lakefront expansion or in your inventory.

Once you find their location, you can start to build both of them separately. The White Dragon Castle is a home providing up to 2,000 ghost citizens to your town, while the Red Dragon Castle is a community building offering up to 2,000 citizens in maximum population allowance. Obviously, if your city lacks enough room for 2,000 ghosts, you'd need to work on completing the Red Dragon Castle before you start on the other.

Both castles require different colors of dragons as building materials to upgrade. Each castle comes with six levels of upgrades and up to six different colors of dragons that need to be collected. At first, you won't have to collect as many items, but as you go along, the quantities and varieties of required dragons become larger. You can earn these dragons by either asking your friends to send them to you, collecting from both the Red or White Dragon Castles (they provide parts used in the other castle), or by collecting from "Castle" buildings.

These Castle buildings are items like the Energy Efficient Abode and Diagon Apartments, both of which are available to place for coins. Other, more obvious items in this theme are the Red Dragon Cottage and White Dragon Pub, but these all cost City Cash. When you eventually complete this goal, you'll receive the Baby Pink Dragon, which is a decorative animal offering a 100% payout boost to surrounding homes and businesses. Good luck completing this goal and the two dragon castles before Halloween!

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What do you think of these Dragon Castles? Have you already started working on yours? How far have you gotten? Sound off in the comments!