The Ville Seasons Screamings Quests: Everything you need to know

If you've already finished the Halloween Party quests in The Ville, and are looking for more Halloween content to spend your time on before the end of the month, you're in luck as Zynga has released a new timed quest event called Season Screamings. This quest series focuses on capturing ghosts that have made their way into your house, with rewards being earned along the way. We're here with a complete guide to finishing these Seasons Screamings quests, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!


  • Take Pictures of 3 Ghosts

  • Study 3 Ghosts at Neighbors' Houses

  • Ask friends for 3 New Grave Markers

The Ghosts will be randomly floating around your house. Whenever you click on one, you'll have three options: Capture, Scare and Take Picture. Capture won't be available until later, but of course for this quest, you'd want to click on Take Picture anyway. Similarly, when you visit neighbors' houses, you'll have the same options, except Take Picture will be replaced with Study. Finally, the New Grave Markers can be earned by posting a general request to your wall for help. Remember, if you play the game on, you'll receive these items in a matter of seconds, rather than waiting for your friends to come around and help. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive 2 XP and 50 coins.

Speaking Spooky

  • Ask friends for 3 Ghost Books

  • Scare 3 Ghosts

The scaring can be done both at your own house or your friends. Of course, visiting friends would allow you to save energy, which is always a good thing, and you can even scare the same ghost that you've previously studied. The Ghost Books task will unfortunately slow you down, as you'll need to send out individual requests to friends for those books, and playing on won't help you here. For completing this quest, you'll receive 2 XP and 75 coins.

The Last Halloween

  • Buy a New Giant Candy Corn

  • Buy a New Friendly Pumpkin

  • Ask for 3 New Steak Knives

You'll need to ask your friends to send you the Steak Knives via individual requests. Meanwhile, you'll need to spend coins in the store to finish the rest of this quest, as the Friendly Pumpkin costs 750 coins and the Giant Candy Corn costs 300 coins. These items also give your home some additional value, so they're worth building in the long run. The Candy Corn, for instance, adds $330 to your home's value, while the Pumpkin adds $825. The rewards for this quest are 5 XP and another 75 coins.

Practically Paranormal

  • Collect 4 Parts from Appliances

  • Ask friends for 3 Astrial Spectrometers

  • Bake Cookies 1 Time

You can earn these parts by clicking on any appliance and then clicking on "Search for Parts." If you don't have four appliances in your own home, you should be able to collect these at friends' houses as well. In the meantime, post a general request to your news feed for those Astrial Spectrometers, and remember to play the game on before you do to earn these items in a flash. Finally, the Cookies can be cooked on your stove using two Chocolate, one Knowledge and two Cookie Dough. The Chocolate can be found by interacting with your kitchen cabinets, while Cookie Dough needs to be crafted in the mixer. Each Cookie Dough requires 15 minutes to craft using two Sugar, four Butter and one Egg. Sugar is earned by visiting neighbors, while Butter comes at random when tending your refrigerator. Finally, Eggs can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, but they're also incredibly common prizes in the game's Mystery Boxes. Finishing this quest gives you 5 XP and 125 coins.

Ghost Trapping

  • Buy a Tricks N Treats Craft Book

  • Make 3 Ghost Traps

  • Capture 3 Ghosts

The Tricks N Treats Craft Book looks like a generic recipe book, and it can be found under the "Crafting" section of the "Productivity" tab in the store. It costs 1,400 coins to purchase. Once you've purchased it, you'll need to combine items like Red and Blue dust, plus those Astrial Spectrometers to actually create a single Ghost Trap. Thankfully, the Ghost Traps only take one second to craft, and the dust can be easily earned by continuing to interact with ghosts both at your own home and your friends'. As a helpful hint, try searching at Casey's house at least once per day if you want a guaranteed ghost spotting (or three). Whenever you find a ghost, you can now access the formerly locked "Capture" action when clicking on them, but of course, you can only capture ghosts so long as you have Ghost Traps crafted and in your inventory. Complete this quest and you'll receive 5 XP and 200 coins.


  • Craft 5 More Ghost Traps

  • Ask friends for 4 Grave Markers

  • Craft a Halloween Reward

The extra Grave Markers are earned by posting another general news item to you wall. Yet again, we'd suggest playing on to earn these items fairly quickly. Finally, the Halloween Reward can be crafted inside the Tricks N Treats Craft Book using five captured ghosts and ten each of both red and blue ghost dusts. Again, you'll need to interact with ghosts to earn the dust in the first place, so make sure to exhaust every option you can as you play to earn the most dust. For completing this quest, you'll receive 5 XP and 200 coins.

A Ghost Free-Gathering

  • Bake Cookies

  • Call Over 3 Neighbors

  • Dance 3 Times

Whether they're NPCs or actual friends, you can call over neighbors by either clicking on them as they walk on the sidewalk outside your house, or you can invite them directly from the friends' bar by clicking on their picture and selecting "Call Over." Once you ask neighbors over, you can dance with them by clicking on their avatars and selecting the appropriate action. You'll receive a Boo Balloon and 5 XP for completing this quest. The Boo Balloon is a new decoration that isn't available to purchase in the store, and likely won't be available again after these quests expire.

Remember, these quests will expire in just 11 days, so remember to use all of your individual friend requests each day to stock up on materials, even if you won't reach some of these later quests (like the cooking baking quests) for a few days. Good luck capturing ghosts and finishing these quests before they expire!

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