Pioneer Trail Pumpkin Carving: Everything you need to know


It's time to carve some pumpkins in Pioneer Trail, and we're now encouraged to do just that via an appropriately named "Pumpkin Carving" set of goals in the game. This series will see you carving different designs into pumpkins via the Pumpkin Carvin' Station, and you'll receive plenty of decorations, XP and more for completing these goals along the way. We're here with a complete guide to finishing them off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Pumpkin Patch

  • Place the Pumpkin Carvin' Station

  • Buy & Place a Carvin' Pumpkin

  • Plump a Traditional Pumpkin 4 Times with the Pumpkin Plumper

The Carvin' Pumpkin you'll be dealing with in this first goal is a random version of a traditional pumpkin that you would first think of when picturing a Jack-O-Lantern. You can purchase a single pumpkin of this type for 570 coins. You can then plump it by crafting Pumpkin Plumpers. These are crafted using Clean Water (ask friends) and Super Soil. Super Soil is found by tending Mini-Pumpkins, which is a new kind of crop available on the game's free gifts page. You can also rarely find Super Soil by tending Cabbage. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 100 XP, 2 Spider Trees and will unlock the Character Pumpkins option for later on in this event.

Growin Gourds

  • Harvest 20 Mini Pumpkins

  • Plump a Character Pumpkin 12 Times

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Pumpkin Carving Station

Mini Pumpkins take just two hours to grow, but again, you'll need to earn these from your friends, as they are available to send and receive from the game's free gifts page. Meanwhile, the Carving Station requires tons of different building materials to complete, with most being earned by asking your friends to send them to you, as seen below. You'll also need to collect Giant Seeds, which come from Ghost Pumpkins or Mini Pumpkins, along with Stacked Hay which comes from goats. You'll receive 250 XP, 2 Pumpkin Kitties (decorations) and will unlock the Farm Pumpkins option for completing this goal.

Vanquishin' Varmints

  • Clobber 8 Varmints

  • Plump a Farm Pumpkin 20 Times

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Pumpkin Carving Station

Unfortunately, a single Farm Pumpkin (which costs 475 coins) only takes 15 Pumpkin Plumpers to be completed, so you'll need to work on two to reach that 20 point level. Meanwhile, you should continue to plant Mini-Pumpkins as much as you can to earn seeds, and will hopefully receive varmints when harvesting them. For the second level of the Pumpkin Carving station, you'll need to pester your friends for more ingredients, but will also need to chop into non-sapling pine trees to receive Carvin' Boards, and tend Sheep for Checkered Cloth. Completing this goal gives you 500 XP, two Pumpkin Mice, and will unlock the Cute Pumpkins option for carving.

Carvin' Cuteness

  • Gather 20 Cute Animal Stencils

  • Plump a Cute Pumpkin 20 Times

  • Finish Phase 3 of the Pumpkin Carving Station

The Cute Pumpkins cost 475 coins each, and take just 15 plumps to complete, so again, you'll need to work on two before getting to the required 20. As for the Cute Animal Stencils, these are earned by tending Pumpkin Mice, so make sure to place those as soon as you complete the last goal. For this particular upgrade of the Pumpkin Carving Station, you'll need to go back to collecting Giant Seeds and Stacked Hay by tending pumpkin crops and goats. Completing this goal gives you 1,000 XP, two Ballerina Cows and 2 Spooky Crates.

Pristine Pumpkins

  • Gather 40 Pumpkin Pig Stencils

  • Tend a Carvin' Pumpkin 5 times after you've weighed it

  • Finish the Pumpkin Carving Station

Similar to the prized animal features in Pioneer Trail, you'll need to grow your pumpkins as quickly as you can so that they can be weighed at the end of the time limit (or when you've "Completed" them with Pumpkin Plumpers). For each pumpkin you weight, you'll receive separate rewards like Saloon drinks, boosts and pumpkin decorations, and you can add a Pumpkin Pal (a Pioneer Trail neighbor) to your game to help you out along the way. To complete this specific goal, you'll need to gather the Pumpkin Pig Stencils by tending either Regular Pigs or weighed Prized Pigs, and you'll need to collect more building materials to finish off the Pumpkin Carving Station. You'll need to gather more Carvin' Boards and Checkered Cloth from pine trees and sheep, and will also need to craft items like Pumpkin Baskets using Weavin' Needles (ask friends), Long Straw (tend Wheat). Completing this final goal gives you 2,000 XP, a Pumpkin Carriage and a Giant Rideable Spider.

Once you've finished with your Pumpkins, they can be used to help decorate your Homestead for Halloween, and afterwards, you can store them in the Show Pen. You'll also have a final goal to complete, along with this entire feature.

Lightin' Lanterns

  • Harvest 30 Squash Crops

  • Gather 20 Polishin' Cloths

  • Earn 6 Lit Carved Carvin' Pumpkins

These Carvin' Pumpkins are those that have already been weighed and came in at a weight of at least 99 pounds. To reach that point, you'll need to continue plumping your pumpkins, and make sure to join a friend in completing each one for an easier time of things. As for the Polishin' Cloths, you'll need to to tend Adult Oxen to earn them. When you complete this truly final goal in the Pumpkin Carving series, you'll receive 20,000 XP, 15 Horseshoes and two Spooky Scarecrows. These are decorations for your Homestead. If nothing else, the Horseshoes should give you plenty of incentive to actually finish this feature, but just be prepared for a lot of time consuming work before going in. Good luck!

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