What You Need to Know Before GE Reports

Great news comes from the September conference call held by GE (NYS: GE) CEO Jeff Immelt. Though global growth is slowing down, Immelt reports that organic growth could go from 5%-10%. The GE CEO is secure that the company will reach a solid 10% in growth. Immelt expresses that this is GE's best portfolio yet, not to mention having security in being diversified and offering scaled positions. GE not only focuses on aviation and energy, but it's also working "hand in hand" with companies like Chevron (NYS: CVX) and Exxon (NYS: XOM) .

Exciting things are ahead for GE, evident from the market's positive response, and the stock's 3% spike following Immelt's announcement that GE's management took advantage of the market's dip to make strategic bets in energy. It's bets like these that could drive the company to become the world's infrastructure leader. It's vital for investors to understand GE's many opportunities, while also remaining aware of the threats to GE's portfolio. To help, we're offering comprehensive coverage for investors in a premium report on General Electric, in which our industrial analyst breaks down GE's multiple businesses. You'll find reasons to buy or sell GE, and you'll receive continuing updates as major events unfold during the year. To get started, click here now.

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