What to Make of Windows 8?


The number of reviews of Microsoft Corp.'s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows 8 OS has increased rapidly, with its release only days away. The earnings of the world's largest software company, hurt by low sales of Windows 7 while people wait for the new version, obviously rides on the success of the latest version. The barrier to its success may be more the "death of the PC" than a few reviews about it features. People and companies who need Windows, which is almost everyone with a PC, will get it whatever experts say.

According to ZDNet:

The PC industry just isn't sure what to make of Windows 8. Intel CEO Paul Otellini noted there are many form factors and it's unclear which one will win. Otellini said what hardware ultimately wins with Windows 8 may not be known for a year.

Couple Windows 8 -- an OS that will have a new interface and learning curve -- with slowing PC sales and Microsoft's big launch has a series of unknowns. Those uncertainties will be reflected in Microsoft's quarter as well as the commentary that follows the results.

Douglas A. McIntyre