With Twist Pilot, Zynga's mobile efforts take a turn for the quirkier

Twist Pilot
Twist Pilot

It seems as if Zynga wants to show its interest in all things goofy with its publishing partnerships. Between Zynga.com games like Rubber Tacos and now iOS and Android games like Twist Pilot, that's all but confirmed. Developed by Crash Lab and available now, Twist Pilot is a reaction-based puzzle game that sees players guide some ... red thing named Phil through 72 levels of twisting and turning pathways.

Of course, the name of the game is "don't touch anything but gold rings." That goes for the walls in each level as well as those adorable spiders that are out ensure that Phil has a terrible time. Twist Pilot already sounds difficult enough, but Crash Lab threw in a platinum mode as well that allows players to earn platinum stars by beating the developers' best times.

But for their first time out of the gate, players might have a better time beating their friends' scores to a pulp on the leaderboards and through achievements with Game Center integration. Then again, this looks like quite the challenge no matter how you slice it--just peek the trailer below, and you'll see what we mean.

Click here to download Twist Pilot on iOS for $.99 and here on Android for $.99 Now >

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