Trixie Whitley: A Hidden Gem


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One of the ways we train our minds to find great up-and-coming investments is to train our eyes to spot emerging greatness in every endeavor and in every field. There are hidden gems everywhere, and now we're running a contest where you can find them: "Uncover a Gem." In the comments section below, share your favorite undiscovered jewel. The one we love the most will earn the poster a free three-year subscription to Hidden Gems.

We'll start things off by sharing ours, along with some free music.

Trixie Whitley
No, she's probably not the next Warren Buffett. She's not even really an investor in the traditional sense. Trixie Whitley is a singer -- a singer whose voice has been described as "emotionally searing," "heart-wrenching," and "blues-drenched."

Trixie's career is at its outset. Born in Belgium, she began singing onstage at the age of three with her singer-songwriter father, Chris Whitley. She never stopped, performing wherever she could -- including as a DJ at the Belgium Museum of Modern Art at the age of 11! Eventually, a break came last year when she was asked to become the lead singer of Black Dub (produced by Daniel Lanois of U2 and Bob Dylan fame). Appearances at festivals such as Bonnaroo and South by Southwest followed, and she's now preparing to release her first solo album, Fourth Corner.

So, this weekend, take a few moments to enjoy six free songs by Trixie, whom Motley Fool Co-Founder and CEO Tom Gardner calls "a true hidden gem." The download is completely free. Just visit and enter your email address to be treated to six excellent tracks, including two from her unreleased album.

Now, share your hidden gems in the comments below, Fools!

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