Is VIVUS' Loss Arena's Gain?


The European Medicines Agency recently handed VIVUS (NAS: VVUS) an official rejection for its obesity drug Qsymia, leading Arena (NAS: ARNA) shareholders to wonder if this creates a major opportunity for the pharmaceutical company's competing drug, Belviq.

While Qsymia and Belviq are both FDA-approved in the U.S., an EU decision on the latter isn't due until next year. Approval on two continents would be a huge win for Arena and its partner Eisai, but that could be easier said than done if the Qsymia rejection is also a signal that weight loss drugs will not face easy approvals in Europe. In the video below, analysts Max Macaluso and David Williamson look at several possible scenarios, and discuss how it could ultimately go either way for Arena.

After gaining FDA approval for Belviq, Arena Pharmaceuticals (and its investors) enjoyed the hard-won designation of "success story" in biotech's do-or-die industry. Now, with EU approval on the horizon, stakes are higher than ever, and it looks like the company may still have its fair share of obstacles ahead. In our premium research report on Arena Pharmaceuticals, health care analyst and ARNA expert Brian Orelli, PhD, walks investors through the must-know opportunities - and potential threats - facing the future of the company. Since key news can develop quickly, Brian will continue to deliver a year's worth of updates and guidance for all who sign up. To learn more and access your report today, click here now.

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