FarmVille Vampires vs Werewolves Goals: Everything you need to know


The rivalry between Vampires and Werewolves is an old one, and the war between the two clans has made its way to your FarmVille farm via a goal series with an appropriate name: Vampires vs Werewolves. Over the next two weeks, you'll be challenged with completing a series of nine different goals, giving you a little more than a day to complete each one. We're here with a complete guide to finishing these goals, thanks to Zynga, so let's get started!

Fangs a Lot

  • Get 6 Vampire Novels

  • Harvest 50 Raspberries

  • Harvest Pet Run 2 Times

For this Vampire Novels task and any other task that asks you to "get" a specific number of some item, you'll need to ask your friends to send them to you either via individual requests sent directly to them or through general news posts placed on your wall. While you're waiting for those to arrive, you can grow the Raspberries, which take just two hours. Finally, the Pet Run task is one that can be completed across your many farms, as you can harvest multiple Pet Runs one time each, or you can wait for the same Pet Run to be ready after a 24 hour period. Complete this first goal and you'll receive 125 XP, a Vampire Costume for your avatar and 2,500 coins.

Howling Good

  • Get 7 Werewolf Movies

  • Harvest 75 Wheat

  • Harvest Aviary Habitat 2 Times

This Aviary Task is similar to the Pet Run one above, as you simply need to harvest two Aviaries across your many farms, and not necessarily the same Aviary twice in a row. After you've harvested the Raspberries for the first goal, it's best to plant these Wheat right away, even before you get to this goal, as Wheat takes 12 hours to harvest and you can get a boost on things by doing so. Complete this goal for 150 XP, a Werewolf Costume for your avatar and 3,000 coins.

Cape Able

  • Get 8 Black Capes

  • Harvest 100 Red Tulips

  • Fertilize 25 Crops for Neighbors

This Fertilizing task is an interesting, but easy one, as we haven't been asked to complete such a task in quite a while. Thankfully, you just need to visit five friends, clicking on five growing farm plots each to fertilize them. The problem here could come in if you only have friends that have quit playing (so their crops have withered) or use Fertilize Alls, as there would obviously be no crops available there. If that's the case, send out a message to some friends, and perhaps they'll be willing to plant five extra crops specifically so you can tend them. While you're messing with all of this, make sure you start growing those Red Tulips as quickly as possible, as they take a day to go. You'll receive a Turbo Charge, 175 XP and 3,500 coins when you complete this goal.

Toil and Trouble

  • Get 9 Wolf Totems

  • Harvest 125 Grapes

  • Make 2 Witch's Brew

This is the first task that requires you to actually be on one farm over another, as the Witch's Brew is crafted in the Potion

Shop in Haunted Hollow. There, you'll need one Ghoul Garlic, one Sage and two Red Tulip bushels to craft a single Witch's Brew. Remember to check your bushel count before you start harvesting those Red Tulips in the previous goal, and you should be able to claim enough to at least cross one of these ingredients off of your list without trouble. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 200 XP, a Bubbling Cauldron decoration and 4,000 coins.

Smell of Success

  • Get 9 Wolfsbane Perfume

  • Harvest 150 Tomatoes

  • Harvest Wildlife Habitat 2 Times

As with the Aviary and Pet Run tasks before, you can harvest any kind of Wildlife Habitat on any farm, or can harvest the same Habitat twice in a two day period to finish that particular task. That is, a Winter Wildlife Habitat counts just as much as a non-themed building, so don't worry if those are the only kind you currently have available. If you do have to wait to harvest the same Wildlife Habitat twice, at least you also be wasting time waiting for tomatoes to grow, as they take eight hours. You'll receive 225 XP, an Unwither potion and 4,500 coins when you complete this goal.

Would Smell as Sweet

  • Get 9 Garlic Necklaces

  • Harvest 150 Aloe Vera

  • Make 2 Cauldron Stew

The Cauldron Stew is another recipe that's specific to the Potion Shop in Haunted Hollow, so start those as soon as you can. A single Cauldron Stew requires one Sage, two Tombstone and two Tomato bushels to craft, so make sure you claim those bushels from friends as soon as you can, even if it means claiming them before you reach this goal (there's nothing like planning ahead). Completing this goal gives you 250 XP, a Werechicken and 5,000 coins.

Silver Lining

  • Get 10 Silver Cages

  • Harvest 150 Jalapenos

  • Harvest Werechicken

For the fastest time harvesting that Werechicken, you should immediately place it in some sort of an animal building, whether it be the Monster Lab, an Aviary or otherwise. In that way, you might just have to wait a matter of minutes to harvest it, rather than a full day. If you do end up waiting a full day to harvest the chicken, you should also use that time to wait for the Jalapenos to grow, as they take eight hours. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 275 XP, a Mystery Dart for the game's weekly Mystery Game and 5,500 coins.

A Lot at Stake

  • Get 11 Garlic Nets

  • Harvest 150 Coffee

  • Harvest Livestock Habitat 2 Times

As we get into these higher crop requirements, it's worth repeating that you can plant crops across your multiple farms to plan ahead. Since coffee takes 16 hours to grow (and at least 16 hours after that to wither), feel free to plant these coffee squares long before you ever reach this goal so that you won't have to wait for it to grow once you do make it this far. Completing this goal will see you rewarded with 300 XP, a Vampire Cow and 6,000 coins.

The Showdown

  • Get 12 Halloween Ballots

  • Harvest 200 Sunflowers

  • Master Werechicken to 1 Star

If you've placed the Werechicken from above into an animal storage building, you'll need to make a special note of that in your mind and remember to tend the building once everyday. It should only take a few harvests to earn the first mastery star, but time can quickly slip by if you're not paying close attention. At some point, you'll likely find yourself waiting the 24 hours for the Sunflowers to grow, but if you use this guide to your advantage, you can actually have those sunflowers completely grown and waiting for you by the time you get to this final goal. Just make sure that you don't plant them so far ahead of time that you have to waste an unwither because it's been so long. For finishing this final goal, you'll receive 325 XP, a blue and black Hornet Sheep and 6,500 coins.

Remember, these goals are only going to be available for a limited time, so use all of your farms and friend requests each day to stand the best chance of finishing them off. Good luck!

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