FarmVille 2 Fangtastic Fun Items: Ackee Tree, Vampire Horse and more

FarmVille 2's Halloween event continues to grow this week, as players can now take a bit out of the holiday with a series of "Fangtastic Fun" items. There are new trees, crops, animals, decorations and more to purchase in this event, but they'll only be available for a limited time. We're here with a complete look at these items, so let's get started!



  • Costs: 26 coins per square

  • Harvest Time: 4 Hours

  • Sells for: 36 coins per square

  • Produces: 4 Animal Feed

  • Used in Garlic Bread recipe


Ackee Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
Weeping Purple Beech Tree - 12 Farm Bucks


Cosplay Sheep - 35 Farm Bucks
Vampire Horse - 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Cosplay Sheep - 22 Farm Bucks
Baby Vampire Horse - 30 Farm Bucks


GardenGoyle - 2,500 coins
Wrought Iron Fence - 2 Farm Bucks
Count Scrapula - 15 Farm Bucks
Fresh Plot Marker - 250 coins
Melancholy Toolshed - 18 Farm Bucks
Memorial Stone - 2 Farm Bucks
Mister D Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
Raised Stone Planter - 14 Farm Bucks

Fortunately, there are at least some items here that go for coins, but to really get the most out of this theme, you'd unfortunately have to be real money (Farm Bucks) to purchase the most fun items. There's still plenty of time left before Halloween though, so we'll make sure to let you know if any additional Halloween-themed items are launched in FarmVille 2 before Halloween comes and goes.

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What do you think of these Fangtastic items in FarmVille 2? Will you spend Farm Bucks on any of them? Sound off in the comments?