CityVille Haunted Graveyard Goals: Everything you need to know


If there's one thing Zynga really knows how to do, it's celebrate holidays in its many Facebook games. The CityVille Halloween celebration was already quite large, with plenty of themed buildings to place and quests to complete, but a new year-round feature has been added to the game in the form of a Haunted Graveyard. This Haunted Graveyard is an upgradeable building project that will allow you to play a 60-second mini-game for XP, coins and more rewards, but of course, you'll need to build it first. There are three goals to complete in this Haunted Graveyard series, and we're here with alook at how to complete them. Let's get started!

Ghastly Graveyard

  • Place and complete a Level 1 Graveyard

  • Have 10 Halloween Buildings

  • Play the Ghostly Haunt Game Twice

The Ghastly Graveyard can be placed directly from this goal, as it's not available to purchase in the store. You'll need to spend 10 energy to build its base, and must then collect building materials to finish it off. You'll need a few dozen items in all, with these items being earned through either news posts and individual friend requests. You'll need to collect 10 Spooky Bones, five Cobwebs, five Headstones, five Coffins and 10 Spooky Skulls.

If you're having trouble earning these items from friends, or you simply don't wish to wait for friends to help you, you can also earn these items at random when tending one of four "Graveyard" items that can be purchased in the store. Two of these are only available for City Cash, but the Boneyard Arms and Haunted Bank items are available for 50,000 or 20,000 coins each, respectively.

Once you're ready to play the Ghostly Haunt game, you'll have 60 seconds to click on as many ghosts as you can which can be found walking around your city streets at random. The more spirits you find and click on, the more items you'll receive as rewards. You can win bundles of energy, XP, building materials and more, and this graveyard will remain available in your city year-round even after this Halloween event is over. For completing this first goal, you'll receive 10,000 coins and 10 energy.

Death and Taxes

  • Have a Level 2 Graveyard

  • Collect from 25 Halloween Buildings

  • Collect 30 Spooky Bats

The Spooky Bats can be found at random when tending businesses in your city. Meanwhile, the Level 2 Graveyard can be achieved by collecting more and more building materials as you play. You'll receive 20,000 Goods and four Zoning Permits for completing this goal.

The Best Boneyard

  • Have a Level 4 Graveyard

  • Play the Ghostly Haunt Game 8 Times

  • Increase Your Ghost Population by 1,000

Remember, the Ghost Population is different than your regular citizen population, so you'll need to make sure you're building homes that offer Ghost Population and not regular citizens. You can sort the game's store to find Halloween specific items, but you'll also need to build Ghost Community Buildings along the way so that your town can even support these new spirit friends. It's a balance that will come into play throughout this entire Halloween event, so we wish you luck in raising your population to new heights! You'll receive a Wood Nymph Cottage for completing this final goal. This cottage offers anywhere from 600-1,200 monster/ghost population to your town, so it's definitely worth placing and building (with energy) as soon as you can.

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