CityVille Creepy Clock Tower Goals: Everything you need to know


If you're having trouble finding room to house all of your new Ghost citizens in CityVille's Halloween event, the new Creepy Clock Tower will allow you to make better use of the space you do have by building upwards, instead of out. This Creepy Clock Tower functions as a skyscraper, complete with upgrades, that will eventually give your town 2,000 Ghost citizens in population. There are new goals to complete along with the release of this Creepy Clock Tower, and we're here with a guide on how to finish them off!

Creepy Clock Tower

  • Place and Upgrade the Creepy Clock Tower to Level 2

  • Collect 12 Gargoyles

  • Collect from 10 Ghost Community Buildings

First things first, the Gargoyles are earned at random when tending hotels that you may already have built in your town. Meanwhile, the Creepy Clock Tower can be placed and immediately upgraded by collecting building materials. You'll need two Rattling Pipes, two Rusted Bolts and two Monstrous Mirrors to upgrade to Level 2, with each of these items being earned through either general news posts on your wall or individual requests sent to neighbors. When this upgrade is done, the

Skyscraper will offer 150 Ghost citizens and 323 coins in rent everyday. Finally, Ghost Community Buildings include items like the Super Weather Balloon, which you might have built during the recent Make it Rain timed goal. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 250 XP and three energy.

Vertigo Grows

  • Upgrade the Creepy Clock Tower to Level 4

  • Collect from 12 Greenhouses

  • Collect from 60 Ghost Businesses

The Creepy Clock Tower has six upgrade levels in all, with each requiring more and more building materials to complete. It's definitely worth nothing that you shouldn't try to stock up on more of these ingredients than what you need, as your entire supply of each and every ingredient will be reset to zero after you complete each upgrade. That is, you can't collect 10 of an item when you only need six and expect to have those extra four remain in your inventory. You'll simply lose them all. When you complete this second goal, you'll receive 100,000 coins and 1,000 Goods for your city.

Scary Suite

  • Upgrade the Creepy Clock Tower to Level 6

  • Get 30 Tarnished Keys

  • Harvest 50 Water Crops

The Tarnished Keys are earned at random when you tend Ghost Homes in your town. These are items like a Halloween Party House, Witch Rickety House, Zombie Frat House and more. Of course, some of these buildings cost City Cash, but others are available for coins. As for the Water Crops, these are items like Cod, Lobster or King Crab, which have been available to plant out on the water since last July. Finally, the final level of the Creepy Clock Tower will give you the full population of 2,000 Ghost citizens, and you'll also unlock a bonus of 10x the profits for a limited time. When you complete this final goal in the Creepy Clock Tower series, you'll receive 250,000 coins and four Zoning Permits. Of course, the rewards for these goals aren't the incentive for completing them - the massive boost in Ghost population to your town, however, most certainly is. Good luck completing the skyscraper's construction before Halloween!

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