War Commander Live Battles let you lay the smackdown in real time

War Commander Live Battles
War Commander Live Battles

Despite October being a rough month for hardcore Facebook game maker Kixeye, the studio has managed to push out an interesting feature for its flagship social game, War Commander. Welcome to Live Battles, otherwise known as another reason to never leave your computer for too long. This feature introduces what its name implies: synchronous, or real-time, war.

What Live Battles means is that, whenever a player is logged into War Commander, they'll instantly notice when an enemy players attacks their base, and will be able to retaliate in real time. Not only does this give defenders a fighting chance, but it makes invading an enemy base a much heavier decision.

The Live Battles feature may be new to War Commander, but it isn't necessarily new to Kixeye. The feature first made its debut in Battle Pirates soon after it launched last year. But considering War Commander has far surpassed that naval strategy release in terms of monthly and daily players, it makes sense for Kixeye to bring real-time play to its most popular game. Another step forward toward real-time games on Facebook? We could be down with that.

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