SimCity Social: Invest in real estate with new Century 21 business


Century 21 is the latest real world brand that's found a virtual presence within SimCity Social, as players are now encouraged to collect a free Century 21 business for their towns from the company's official Facebook fan page. The next time you login to your city in SimCity Social, you'll be prompted to visit the fan page and "Like" the page. Fortunately, you don't actually have to Like the page (and clutter your news feed with the company's posts as a result), since the link to claim the business is right there in front of you either way.

You can claim your very own Century 21 business by clicking on this link, and will then find the building in your inventory under the Buildings tab (makes sense, right?). The Century 21 Office functions just as other businesses do, offering your town 280 Simoleons every 24 minutes. Once you place the base, you'll need to click three times (spending three energy in the process) to complete its construction. From there, the business can be upgraded to be more profitable by upgrading it with building materials, Materials and more.

For the first upgrade, which increases the office's output by 20%, you'll need three Business Cards, two Cash Registers and one Business Savvy. These sorts of items can be earned either by asking your friends to send them to you, or you might luck into a few of them at random when tending other businesses in your city. Eventually, you'll be able to increase the income of the building by a full 50%, making this a pretty worthwhile investment, whether you appreciate the Century 21 business branding or not. Just make sure to claim yours fast, before the promotion ends entirely.

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What do you think of this Century 21 Office in SimCity Social? Will you add this branded business to your city, or do you not like filling your game with "ads?" Sound off in the comments!