Mystery Manor Blitz: Revisit Mr. X in a whole new way later this year


While many mobile and Facebook gamers might consider themselves masters of Mystery Manor, Game Insight's free-to-play hidden object game, those same players (and beginners alike) will be challenged in a whole new way later this year, as the developer has announced Mystery Manor Blitz, a timed take on the original Mystery Manor gameplay.

Mystery Manor Blitz is an entirely new game, launching first on iPad, that will see players making their way through Mr. X's mansion room by room, as they face specific two-minute timed challenges in each. Each room contains a new set of hidden objects to discover, but obviously, this must be done before time runs out. There will be plenty of power-ups to help you out along the way, like compasses, bombs, time boosts and flares, but the specific functions of each are still under wraps (although we can make a pretty safe guess that time boosts will simply add more time to the clock).


At the end of each stage, gamers young and old will be able to track their high scores against other players via in-game leaderboards, and shareable achievements will allow sleuths the ability to show off to friends on either Facebook or Twitter. While there's no official release date for Mystery Manor Blitz, you can now follow the game's official Facebook fan page, and check out the game's trailer below for more. Stay tuned for a complete look at Mystery Manor Blitz when it launches later this year!

Are you excited about Mystery Manor Blitz? Do you still regularly play the original Mystery Manor? Sound off in the comments!