Turn zombies into mulch in Home Depot's Halloween advergame on Facebook

In celebration of Halloween, retailer Home Depot has launched a Facebook advergame called Zombie Mulch that takes place during the zombie apocalypse and asks you to drive a mulch truck down the street, chopping up unsuspecting zombies as you drive. The game comes with rewards for Home Depot's Garden Club members, but is also absurd enough to encourage non-shopper to try it out as well.

Each game of Zombie Mulch lasts as long as you do, as you'll control the truck with the arrow keys on your keyboard and must avoid a variety of obstacles so that your truck doesn't become damaged. Take enough damage and it's game over. Obstacles are mostly easy to spot and avoid, like dead logs, construction barriers and more, while items like pot holes are harder to spot and therefore miss. Your aim when hitting zombies needs to be pretty spot on, as the zombie must bounce off of the hood of the truck and into the mulching tunnel at the back of the vehicle, but if you happen to miss, you can kill the zombie by simply running over it. You won't earn points for these hit-and-runs, but they're a nice touch.

Power-ups can turn your truck into a magnet for zombies that will be drawn in front of the hood, or one may offer you 2x the normal amount of points for every zombie mulched for a short period of time. Throughout it all, your points are turned into Zombie Mulch, which helps you unlock one of three Garden Club coupons for use in actual Home Depot stores. So far, $5, $10 and $15 coupons are available, and by signing up for the free Garden Club, you'll earn those Zombie Mulch points twice as fast as before and can earn the coupons even faster. All in all, Zombie Mulch is a basic little advergame that's fun to play once or twice, but is at least entertaining enough for Garden Club members to avoid frustration if they actually want the available coupons. If you're in the mood for some zombie destruction this Halloween, you can now play Zombie Mulch for free on Facebook.

Play Zombie Mulch on Facebook now >

Have you played Zombie Mulch? Are you a Garden Club member that will actually gain from this advergame, or are you simply playing for the fun of it all? Sound off in the comments!

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