ChefVille Great Pumpkin Hay Bale Quests: Everything you need to know

As the Halloween event continues to expand in ChefVille, we've seen players become more stressed about Wild Pumpkins (or the lack thereof) within the game. Zynga has automatically programmed Wild Pumpkins to grow at random on our land, but that takes time, which is something we don't have in the game's limited time Halloween Event. Now though, you can place a new Pumpkin Hay Bale to ease your troubles a bit, while still waiting for Wild Pumpkins to grow naturally. It's the best of both worlds, and we're here with a complete look at this new Pumpkin Hay Bale and the three "Great Pumpkin Hay Bale" quests that accompany it.

ChefVille Great Pumpkin Hay Bale
ChefVille Great Pumpkin Hay Bale

Domestic Pumpkins

  • Place the Pumpkin Hay Bale

  • Tend Pumpkin Hay Bale 6 Times

  • Tend 3 Neighbors' Pumpkin Hay Bales

The Pumpkin Hay Bale can be purchased for free from this actual quest, as it's not currently available to "purchase" in the store. Once placed, you'll need to spend three energy to unwrap its paper and must then ask five friends to come work on the item's construction. This is done via individual requests sent to friends, so if you know that some friends are currently playing on Facebook, make sure to ask them first to speed things up. When the Hay Bale is finished, it can be tended instantly, but can only be tended after that every two minutes. Unfortunately, it can also only be tended seven times before it's empty, which is disappointing, to say the least.

That is, why did we have to gain all of those friends as staff if the item wasn't permanent? Either way, you might get stuck on the final portion of this quest, as you'll need to wait for at least three friends to complete their own Pumpkin Hay Bales, and you'll also need to wait for any spent energy to be recharged when you visit them. Finishing this first quest gives you 2 XP, and a Pumpkin ingredient. You'll also unlock the Pumpkin Hay Bale for additional

purchases in the store.

Hay Pumpkins

  • Get 6 Magic Pumpkin Dusts

  • Give Ginger 6 Recommendations

  • Serve 5 Pumpkin Ravioli

The Pumpkin Ravioli is served in the Halloween Cauldron using one Pumpkin Puree, one Flour and one Pepper for each cooking. It takes an hour to cook, so you're looking at at least five hours of cooking to finish this quest, unless you're willing to purchase / use Spices to speed up the process. As for the Magic Pumpkin Dusts, you can earn these by simply posting a news item to your wall, asking your friends for help. Remember to use the standard ChefVille news feed link to sort your news feed to just ChefVille posts, and you can help your friends while helping yourself in the process. Completing this quest gives you 10 XP, 150 coins and two Wild Mushrooms.

Prepare the Pumpkins

  • Cook 9 Monster Pumpkin Soups on the Haunted Cauldron

  • Cook 10 Pumpkin Ravioli on the Haunted Cauldron

  • Have 2 Spooky Halloween Ribbons in Creepy Crepes

If you've been planning ahead with these Spooky Halloween Ribbons, you likely won't need to cook any of these dishes for ribbons, but you'll need to "waste" the ingredients cooking them to complete this quest anyway. The Monster Pumpkin Soups are made with one Pumpkin, two Wild Onions and two Wild Mushrooms, so you have the potential to clear off a lot of your land by collecting these ingredients that grow randomly outside your restaurant. This quest series will continue to expand in the future, as we learn more about the ins and outs of what make them tick. Stay tuned for more!

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Have you finished building your first Pumpkin Hay Bale in ChefVille yet? Do you think it's ok for Zynga to require us to staff an item only for it to disappear a few tends later? Sound off in the comments!

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