Car Town Streets on iOS: A social gaming gearhead's pocket dream?

Car Town Streets
That's what social game maker and Car Town creator Cie Games would certainly hope. The developer has just announced Car Town Streets, a mobile extension of its free-to-play social game all about automobiles for iOS devices. The game is available now on iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch, and it seems to offer a similar-looking experience to its Facebook predecessor.

However, this version of Car Town does not connect to the original in any way--this is an all new game. In Streets, players will build a brand new town filled with car lots, race tracks, auto shops, roads and more. Boasting a selection of over 60 cars from 35 popular auto brands, players can take whips like the Pontiac GTO, McLaren F1 LM and Ford Deuce Roadster to the races or even to a drive-in movie theater.
Car Town Streets screens
While the gameplay may look similar, we're told that Streets offers a different play hook than its predecessor. Well, it certainly offers a different brand play, with players able to send their cars through the classic Hot Wheels loop-de-loop and take a ride in the legendary Ecto-1 at Ghostbusters headquarters. Car Town Streets is available now--just don't expect to be able to visit your Facebook friends' towns. That is, of course, unless they're playing too. With 580,000 daily players, chances are pretty good. Car Town Streets launches on iOS soon.

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