Zynga wants to trade cards, too, with Ayakashi: Ghost Guild on mobile

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild screens
Ayakashi: Ghost Guild screens

We all know that, when Zynga joins in on a trend, that you know it must be a big deal. The next game type that the FarmVille maker looks to dominate in is Japanese-style card battle games, with Ayakashi: Ghost Guild. Developed by Zynga Japan, this mobile social game available for free on iOS and Android throws players into a world filled with demons, ghosts and, of course, cards.

In Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, you are a ghost agent, someone that can battle, capture and control rebellious ghosts in order to train and fuse them with other ghosts so that they transform into powerful demons. To track down and put an end to the mysterious events triggered by a sect of legendary ghosts known as Ayakashi, you'll have to fight against rival agents (other players) to beef up your demons for battle with these spectral legends.

Judging from the looks of these early screen shots, Ayakashi: Ghost Guild looks like the card battle games we've seen enjoy great success in the West, like Rage of Bahamut, albeit with a triple coat of polish and some gorgeous art work. We're told that, in addition to Japanese and English, both Ayakashi: Ghost Guild and the recently-released Montopia are also available in traditional Chinese and Korean. The real question is: Can Zynga pull players away from their current mobile addictions?

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