Arizona National Guard Recruiters 'Bum Hunt' Homeless With Paintball Guns, Report Says

national guard whistleblower targeted
national guard whistleblower targeted

Staff Sgt. Chad Wille thought he was doing the right thing three years ago when he went to his supervisor to report a claim that fellow National Guard troops traveling in an Humvee had been seen shooting paintballs at pedestrians in a nearby Phoenix neighborhood. Rather than being rewarded for his integrity, however, Wille was instead subjected to years of harassment by his peers, The Arizona Republic reports.

Wille routinely drove the camouflaged painted military vehicle himself -- and indeed was doing so on the day an angry bicyclist confronted the Arizona Army National Guard recruiter and told him it was Wille's vehicle that was used in the attack. But Wille was away the week of the supposed incident and so reported it to 1st Sgt. Lucas Atwood, his supervisor in the Recruiting and Retention Command, the newspaper says. (The Republic's account of Wille's case is the result of its five-month investigation into his story.)