11 Things Not To Say To A Military Spouse

what not to say to military spouses
what not to say to military spouses

A military spouse who lives in a not-so-military town is bound to attract the curiosity and intrigue of neighbors. Military families usually love sharing details of their lives with interested civilians. But sometimes that curiosity and intrigue can take awkward, irritating or wildly offensive forms. AOL Jobs asked a handful of military spouses what irksome things civilians often say to them, and we've compiled the top 11.

Even though these remarks can grate, Jacey Eckhart, the editor of military spouse blog SpouseBUZZ, and author of several books on military spousehood, says she'd prefer civilians said grating things than, for fear of being grating, didn't say anything at all. "I'd rather err on the side of being included and treated like a normal person than any weird special behavior," she says. "We pride ourselves on being resilient."

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