Obama vs. Romney: Who Is Better For Women?

Obama, Romney debate about working women
Obama, Romney debate about working women

Before the debate Tuesday evening, Romney had successfully obliterated Obama's lead, almost entirely thanks to women voters. According to a Pew poll, Obama was ahead a staggering 18 points among women, which was thoroughly quashed by his wearied-professor performance.

Winning women is a key to a November triumph, something Romney knows well, having lost women by 2-1 in his Senate defeat against Ted Kennedy in 1994. The Democrats have painted Republicans as in "a war against women" with their social policies, and Republicans have accused their opponents of bludgeoning women with their economic ones.

But the second debate was the first time the two presidential candidates actually discussed the double-X-chromosomed half the population, which launched a thousand memes, and also exposed some stark differences. So what did the debate tell us about their respective records on working women and the female-oriented policies they may push forward, if given the chance over the next four years?