FarmVille: Unlock more farmland in Sunflower Meadows


While one might think that FarmVille players already have plenty of farm land spread across their seven farms, apparently Zynga feels that we deserve more, as a brand new mini-expansion has been launched at the outskirts of our Home Farms this week. Sunflower Meadows isn't a true FarmVille expansion, as it doesn't come with any specific quests or special features. It's simply an extra plot of land that can be used to store items, or of course, for farming.

You can only access Sunflower Meadows by clicking on it via the top left corner of your farm. It's outside the current border of your farm, so thankfully you haven't lost any land in the process of this launch. The first time you click on Sunflower Meadows, you'll be given the opportunity to purchase this new farm with either coins or Farm Cash, meaning that it's technically free. However, only the most dedicated farmers will actually be able to afford the coin purchase price. You'll need--wait for it--200 million coins to purchase Sunflower Meadows. While that might be pocket change for some, I'd imagine that there are even more farmers that won't be able to afford this expansion for quite some time.

If you do decide to purchase access to Sunflower Meadows, you'll be given a new themed plot of land with a Yellow Barn that shares storage with your Home Farm. This means that you can swap items from your Home Farm to your Sunflower Meadows farm for display or storage. Otherwise, the farm works just as you'd expect. You can plow, harvest and plant crops, access your gift box, place animals and buildings, and even grow trees in Orchards.

Outside of shared storage, other incentives come in the form of a new tree and horse that match the yellow theme throughout this farm. If Sunflower Meadows still isn't enough land for you, stay tuned for Lavender Meadow, which is "coming soon." We'll bring you more news on it and other farm expansions as soon as we learn more.

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What do you think of this Sunflower Meadows expansion? Will you purchase Sunflower Meadows, or do you not need the land space enough to spend 200 million coins to unlock it? Sound off in the comments!